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Antennas volleyball pair (signal)

Signal antennas for volleyball net pair (volleyball antenna set).The antennas are made of fiberg..


Ball volleyball arc 15 cm

Ball volleyball arc 15 cm. Suitable for children of the first steps in volleyball. Lightweight, with..


Ball volleyball arc 23 cm

suitable for the first steps of the children in volleyball. Lightweight, with an interesting design..


Ball Volleyball PU

Ball volleyball PURazmer = 5 Material = TPU Panels = 32. Ball volleyball Vertex. Weight 260-280 on s..


Ball volleyball PVC 23 cm

Ball for volleyball in different bright colors.The soft surface makes it suitable for smaller ch..


Ball volleyball seamless

volleyball of soft and strongmaterial - polyurethane super soft microfiber.The ball is sized..


Ball volleyball №5 SOFT

Ball volleyball №5 UNIDELIVERY SOFT. Suitable for playing in schools, amateur and advanced. The sof..


Collapsible stroller for metal balls

Folding cart balls - metalCart has wheels for convenient storage and carrying balls.Dimensio..


Columns volleyball - mobile kit

Metal mobile columns of volleyball with dimensions 245hF7,5m. The foundations of the columns are wi..


Football team - national teams

bag with zipper and handles, suitable for storage and transportation of volleyball or Handball netw..


Ribbons for beach volleyball

Tapes beach volleyballTapes lines delineating beach volleyball. set includes 2 strips 16 m 2 and..


Thermo blanket for camping and tourism 180h105sm

volleyball Molten V5M1500volleyball Molten model V5M1500.Made of high quality artificial lea..


Training ladder agility

Training ladder agilityTraining set ladder agility and quickness8 meters length,14 block..


Training ladder agility

Training Kit ladder agility and speed with a length of 4.1 meters, 10 blocks away. Suitable for use..


Volleyball (beach volley)

volleyball (beach volley) volleyball suitable for beach volleyball. Manual seam, made of a vinyl ..


Volleyball ball

volleyballvolleyball UNIDELIVERY.Mechanical seam, made of a material soft vinyl with thickne..


Volleyball coaching magnets

Volleyball coaches magnets F2 cmSet of 27 piecesDimensions Ф2 х 0.6 смMagnesium material..


Volleyball leatherette

volleyball leatheretteBall volleyball leatherette UNIDELIVERY soft.Mechanical seam,made ..


Volleyball rubber ball

Ball volleyball rubbercolor with an attractive design.Suitable for play on all surfaces...


Volleyball rubber ball

Ball volleyball rubber.Suitable for play on all surfaces.Material rubber.Size №5.Wei..