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Computer Accessories

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Backpack Laptop ONE POLAR 1515

Backpack laptop ONE POLAR 1515 The backpack has a large chamber with a septum for notbuk with soft ..


Backpack Laptop with three screens

Backpack Laptop with 3 compartments backpack for notbuk with screen sizes 15.6 inches. Anatomical b..


Constructor - builder with large parts

Keyboard CompaqManufacturer: Compaq,Characteristics:Connection method:Cable Interfac..


Envelope CD 8 pieces

Envelope CD 8 pieces Free shipping over 100 lev. We deliver in Europe. ..



GRUNDIG Gel 200ml TFT / LCDgel suitable for cleaning TV, TFT, LCD, PC, monitors, cameras, phones..


GRUNDIG GOLD & BLUE stereo headset

GRUNDIG GOLD & BLUE stereo headset & raquo; suitable for MP3, MP4, iPOD, CD, phone & raq..


GRUNDIG headphones FABRIC 6 colors

GRUNDIG headset FABRIC 6 colorssuitable for MP3, MP4, iPOD, CD, phone & raquo; stereo headse..


GRUNDIG headphones FLUO 6tsvyata

GRUNDIG headphones FLUO 6tsvyata & raquo; sensitivity: 105dB, frequency x-ka: 20 20kHz & raq..