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A free-kicker silhouette

Silhouette Player free udariRazmeri = 175h52 cc Package Dimensions = 180h53h4 cc Weight = 3 kg inges..


A referee whistle FOX 40 with respect and silicone mouthpiece

Whistle a referee FOX 40 with bond and a silicone mouthpieceWhistle a referee FOX 40 with bond a..


A referee whistle judge with metal ball

Whistle a referee (judge) with a metal bead. Suitable for training and matches in various sports. Th..


Compressor balls, tires, boats 220V

Compressor for balls, tires, boats and other 220V. Oil-cooled. The compressor has a built-in manome..


Cone 38 cm with holes

Cone 38 cm with holescan be used both alone and in various combinations to make obstacles.Th..


Cone 45 cm with holes

Cone 45 cm with holesCone 45 cm multifunctional with holes.The cones can be used either alon..


Cone 52 cm with holes

Cone 52 cm with holesThe cones can be used either alone or with sticks in various combinations t..


Cone marking 18 cm

Cone height 18 cm.Multi-functional.It can be used in training in different sports.P nd b..


Cone marking 24 cm

Cone height 24 cm.Multi-functional.It can be used for training in different sports.Color..


Cone with holes and a height of 30 cm

Cone holes and height 30 cm.The holes have a diameter of f30 mm.Allow to place the stick top..


Cones for marking 48 cm

Tagging coneHeight: 48 cm.Multifunctional.It can be used in various sports exercises. ..


Cones marking 50 pieces

Cones (caps, bowls) for marking the number 50 set.The cost is about 50 pieces.20 cm.Heig..


Cones marking 50 pieces stand

Cones (caps, bowls) for marking the number 50 set on a stand.Possibility of a stick.The cost..

£26.10 £18.27

Corner flag 38x29 cm

UNI DELIVERY corner flag, Size: 38x29 cm Material: polyester Weight: 10 g UNI DELIVERY corner flag, ..


Dashboard mechanically 44x38cm

Dashboard changed to 44h38sm. Izklyuchetilno convenient to use dashboard. One side shows the number ..


Drive bar 20 kg F25 mm with handles

shirts training Select 5 colorsMaterial: 100% polyesterColor: green, orange, blue, yellow an..


Figure dummy for free-kick training SELECT 180 cm

Figure manikin for training of free kicks SELECTA plastic model of a player with a height of 180..


Foldable Bike Trolley

Folding cart for ballsFolding cart balls.Capacity - 20 pieces balls,size 5.Lightweig..


Folding board coaching football

Lumber (folder) coaching soccer foldable zipper. Board with leather case size 42x29x1.5sm not folded..

£16.70 £15.66

Football - wooden soccer

Football - wooden soccerDimensions 89x51x9cmWeight 8kgMaterial wood, metal, PVCFootb..

£130.49 £104.38