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12" Toolbox

The tool box of plastic. Dimensions: 280h150h130 mm Suitable for fishing and household ..


14 "Toolbox

14 Toolbox. Dimensions: 332h168h140 mm Inner liner - divider Fishing and household. ..


16 "Toolbox

16 Toolbox Dimensions: 408h218h174 mm Inner liner - razdeleitel Fishing and conservation tools ..


19 "Toolbox

19 Toolbox Dimensions: 478h257h233 mm Inner liner - razdeleitel Suitable for fishing and s..


Cable extension, 10 m

Cable extender, Loading: 16 A / 250 V Length 10 m Suitable for outdoor use in the garden, for ..


Compressor balls, tires, boats 220V

Compressor for balls, tires, boats and other 220V. Oil-cooled. The compressor has a built-in manome..


Cone 52 cm with holes

Cone 52 cm with holesThe cones can be used either alone or with sticks in various combinations t..


Cone marking 18 cm

Cone height 18 cm.Multi-functional.It can be used in training in different sports.P nd b..


Cone marking 32 cm

Cone height 32 cm.Multi-functional.It can be used for training in different sports.Dimen..


Cones for marking 48 cm

Tagging coneHeight: 48 cm.Multifunctional.It can be used in various sports exercises. ..


Cradle for 4-type glovebox

Backpack waterproof 25 l Waterproof Backpack, designed to keep dry and clean your belongings, whe..


Dry adhesive '25

Dry adhesive '25 office stationery glue Stick glue 25 g. Bonds tight paper, cardboard, photos, te..

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