Accessories For Camping

Accessories For Camping

Accessories Camping

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150 cm sloping shoe with 2 parts

Peg for slalom 150 cm 2 pieceHeight: 150 cmDiameter: 2.5 cmMetal skewer: 14 cmWeight..


Ball with balls

The tool multifunctional 7 in 1Material = stainless steel Dimensions = 10.5h6 cc Weight = 0.035 kg. ..


Basketball Ring Slider 500 054

Rain cover jacket and trousers set. The jacket has 2 pockets. Extremely useful, it can be used durin..


Children's chair

Binokal approximates 20 timesZooming: 20 timesP nd: 18h18h6smP nd pack: 21h18h6smWei..

£28.19 £26.10

Children's chair with dimensions 51x36x32 cm

Binoculars approximate 8-foldBinokal 8 times zoom and lens diameter 21 mm.binoculars is extr..


Constructor - builder with large parts

Umbrella beach 170 cm Beach umbrella swinging arm and adjustable height. Suitable for vacation at..


Constructor set 52 items

Holder for a beach umbrella Holder beach umbrella 39 cm. is designed to provide a stable fixing o..


Cradle for 4-type glovebox

Backpack waterproof 25 l Waterproof Backpack, designed to keep dry and clean your belongings, whe..


Cradle for two chickens

Waterproof case for mobile phone (tablet) with respect to the neck and arm band. The cover is highl..


Cradle for two chickens

Bag waterproof 10 l Waterproof bag designed to keep dry and clean your belongings, when practicin..


Cradle for two frog

Bag waterproof 2L Waterproof bag designed to keep dry and clean your belongings, when practicing ..


Cradle for two horses

Thermal bag 8 liters Thermal bag with a volume of 8 liters. Dimensions unfolded - 28h19h17sm. Di..


Darts magnetic in a tube 29 cm

Magnetic darts in a tube 29 cm. The set includes 6 arrows in different colors. Suitable for safe pla..


Dino slide

Rain cover jacket and trousers set. The jacket has 2 pockets, hood and lining. Size XL, XXL, XXXL. ..


Dog Car

Multi tourist utensil 6 in 1 which contains a knife, fork, spoon, can opener, corkscrew, screwdrive..


Flag for hanging

strap for hanging the hammock pair. Dimensions - 263 cm long and 4.5 cm wide, clamp and hooks. Weig..


Flag of Bulgaria 20x15 cm with handle

strap for hanging the hammock 276 cm long and 4.7 cm wide, with two hooking mechanism. ..


Flashlight with Pedometer

torch pedometer (pedometer) with a clip for attachment. Your practical device in walk - illuminatin..


Folding chair

Envelope zipper A6 PVC, 120micDimensions: format A6 /24h11.5 cm /Weight 1 pc. : 0010 kgT..


Football boots PUMA male 43-44 number

Compass with a whistle, thermometer and flashlight. Multifunction extremely valuable in walks and hi..