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Air bed 260x70 cm

Air bed 260h70 cmThe air bed inflatable bed that thanks to its innovative and efficient design ..

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All-season jacket SELECT - Atletico

Hammock 260x130 parachute fabricHammock with dimensions 260x130 cm, made of parachute fabric wit..


All-season jacket SELECT Chile - waterproof

Hammock 200x80 cm from the cotton material with mosquito netHammock 200x80 cm scrim with a mosqu..


Brazilian hammock chair UniDelivery 90x50x100 cm

Brazilian hammock chair UniDelivery, 90x50xH100 cm Cotton cloth.Hammock table, 90x50xH100 cm, ..


Clear reflective adhesive tape 5 cm / 45 meters with black printing

Hammock measuring 200x80 cm, wooden slats, 2 mm braided nylon rope. Maximum load 100kg. Suitable fo..


Hammock 280x80cm

Hammock with dimensions 280x80 cm.Material: Cotton and polyester. Reiki material: wood. Rope t..


Hammock without reiki

Hammock type silkworm without rods. Nylon rope with high tensile strength and a metal ring with a di..


Textile strip reflective 5 cm / 100m

Hammock 180x85 cm from the cotton materialHammock 180x85 cm scrim.The hammock comes in a clo..


Thermal transfer foil strip, 5cm / 100m reflective

chair type hammock of cotton cloth. Convenient individual hammock for relaxing or reading, suitable ..