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Bedding for camping 180x50x0.6cm

mat suitable for hiking, camping size 180x50x0.6sm made of material EVA. Easy and convenient for sto..


Camping pad for waterproof 180h55h1.3sm

camping mat sizes 180x55x1.3sm with bands for tightening and easy harvesting and storage. The bed is..


Duchess with a pillow self-inflating

self-inflates the mattress with a cushion that inflates separately. The mattress has a cuff, through..


Mattress for gymnastics 180x50x5 cm

Mattress for gymnastics 180x50x5 cm, Stuffed with foam. Pillowcase from waterproof polyester for eas..


Picnic bed, camping 145x200cm

mat picnic or camping tent 145х200sm. Vodoustychiva basis of EPE, which provides a very good insulat..


Picnic bed, camping and beach

mat for picnics, camping and beach. Dimensions 60x180x0.4sm. Waterproof base material EPE. Material ..


Picnic mat, camping 200x200 cm

mat picnic or camping tent sizes 200х200 sm.Basis of EPE, which provides insulation against mois..


Polar blanket 170x100 cm 100% polyester

fleece blanket with dimensions 170h100sm., 100% polyester, monochrome in 9 different colors. The edg..


Seats bed XPE 28h39 cm

mat seating XPE 28h39 cmIndividual mat area with dimensions 28h39h0.9 cm folding.Made of HRE..