Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags For All Seasons.    

A Variety Of Bags For All Meteorological Conditions.    

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Air bed 260x70 cm

Air bed 260h70 cmThe air bed inflatable bed that thanks to its innovative and efficient design ..

£31.33 £28.71

Bedding yoga is excellent grip

Yoga and sports mat excellent traction It has excellent softening properties from the smooth surfac..

£51.17 £41.77

Sleeping bag

Sleeping bag Sleeping bag type mummy. Ease of use. sleeping bag with a zipper. Multi-function..


Sleeping bag

sleeping bag. Ease of use. Sleeping bag with a zipper. Versatile. When folding becomes suitable for..


Sleeping bag 175x73 cm

Sleeping bag 175h73 cm Sleeping bag size 175h73.5 cm with full zip, can be used as a blanket. Su..


Sleeping bag DAG 1

Sleeping bag DAG 1 Type: Mumia Size: 230x800x550 mm; Material: filling 200g / m2 ..


Sleeping bag DURALIGHT 150

Sleeping bag DURALIGHT 150 Type: Mummy Dimensions: 230x85x55 cm 0,8 kg Material: 300T polyester r..


Sleeping bag envelope HOLIDAY

Sleeping bags - bag HOLIDAY Type: Envelope Dimensions: 1900x750 mm Filling: 190T polyester Rips..


Sleeping bag envelope MAD 1

Sleeping bag - bag MAD 1 Type: ENVELOPE Size: 1850x750 mm, Material: filling 200g / m2 polyest..


Sleeping bag fleece

Sleeping bag fleeceSleeping bag size 180h70 cm with full zip,can be used as a blanket.Su..


Sleeping bag MAGNUS

Sleeping bag MAGNUS Type: Mummy; Dimensions: 2300x800x550 mm; Material: filling: 210T polyester Rip..


Sleeping bag MAXI

Sleeping bag designed for body height to 200 cm. Width: 72 cm. Material outer layer: 170TC polyeste..


Sleeping bag ORSARO

Sleeping bag ORSARO, Type: Mumia dimensions: 2300 x 800 x 550 mm Sleeping bag mummy. filling..


Sleeping bag VERNER

Sleeping bag VERNER Type: Mumia Size: 2300 x 800 x 550 mm Mummy sleeping bag. Filling 200g / m2..


Sleeping bag DURALIGHT 100

Sleeping bag DURALIGHT 100 Type: Mummy Dimensions: 230x85x55 cm 0,6 kgMaterial: 230T polyester ri..


Sleeping bag MICROSLIGHT 100

Sleeping bag MICROSLIGHT 100 Type: Mummy Dimensions: 230x85x55 cm 0,6 kgMaterial: 230T polyester ..