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Collapsible hoop 10 elements F 80 cm

Hoop sectional elements 10 U 80 cmReinforced sleeve 10 pieces F 80 cmHoop sectional element ..

£4.17 £3.39


hoop PVC dichromatic tube in 2 color combinations 180 g; F 67cmFree shipping over 100 lev. We de..


Hoop weight loss - massage collapsible

The hoop is suitable for forming a waist. Tightens the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks, improves..

£13.31 £10.23

PVC hoops 4 pcs set

Rims PVC x4 kitPVC hinges 4 pcshoops PVC x4 set by section the same casing filled with water..


UniDelivery ring 30 cm

Ring with an outer diameter of 30 cm.Made of PVC. Can be placed on top of cones with holes, ca..


Universal going to connect the sticks and hoops

Universal joint for connecting the sticks and hoopsUniversal joint for connecting bows and hoops..


Обръч гимнастически Ф80 см

Rifle gymnastics Ф80 смClassic ring for rhythmic gymnastics.Designed for gymnastics, sports ..