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2 in 1 spring springs

Springs of a stretching 2 in 1 UNIDELIVERY. A device that is suitable for exercises for different mu..


80 cm gym ball with ribbed holes

Socks for yoga fingers monochromeSoft socks with toes without fifth.Suitable for yoga, Pilat..


96 cm inSPORTline trampoline

Trampoline inSPORTlineTrampoline inSPORTline 96 cmis made of a strong steel structure.It..


Balancing disc 35 cm

Disk balancing 35 cmDisk balancing 35 cm.Drive from hard plastics, designed to train balance..


Ball massage 95 mm thick 100 g

Ball massage 95 mm thick 100 gBall massage 95 mm thick 100 gMassage ball with bodlichki by p..


Bedding for camping 180x50x0.6cm

mat suitable for hiking, camping size 180x50x0.6sm made of material EVA. Easy and convenient for sto..


Belt vibra tone

Vibra Tone is a vibrating belt, which in a short time you: 1. burn fat from problem areas of the bod..

£32.37 £26.10

Bermuda Figure califo

Bermuda Figure califoBermuda tightening figure CaliforniaFree shipping over 100 lev.We d..


BODY SHAPER stretch bands

Elastic stretching BODY SHAPER. Suitable for loading a variety of muscle groups. Suitable for use by..


Combat and combat sports 170 cm.

gloves yogaWomen mittens.Suitable for yoga, Pilates workouts and gymnastics.The gloves h..


Combat and combat sports 170 cm.

effigy of wrestling and martial arts with a height of 170 cm. And weighing 27 kg. With the ability t..


Disc bar 1.25 kg F25 mm rubber

Disk rod weighing 1.25 kg, orifice F25mm, rubber. The disk is suitable for rods having a diameter F2..


Disc for rotation with 24.5 cm

Disk rotational elastics with 24.5 cmDisc for rotation with 24.5 cmThe disc rotation is a de..

£12.11 £11.48

Disc for rotation with blades 27.5 cm

Disk rotational elastics with 27.5 cmThe disc rotation is a device suitable for the practice of ..


Drive massage balance 34 cm

Disc massage balance 34 cmDisk balance and massage,except that training can be used for rela..


Elastic band in circle 208x0.64x0.45 cm

elastic band round 208 cmEraser tape in a circle with high resistivity,designed for training..


Elastic band UNIDELIVERY

Elastic bands UNIDELIVERY aerobics, yoga, Pilates. They are used for a variety of exercises that wor..


Elastic for stretching

Elastic stretching type loop with comfortable handles, designed for training various muscle groups t..


Elastics 3 pieces of tape in a circle 50x5cm

Elastics tape round 50h5sm. Different thicknesses of the bands: 0.6, 0.7 and 1 mM. Three sizes are i..

£4.69 £4.17