Shane And Accessories For Winter

Shane And Accessories For Winter

Shane And Accessories For Winter    

Sheets And Winter Accessories    

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Aluminum sled Avalanche

Aluminum sled Avalanche Aluminum frame Elastic fabric with perforated breathable Dimensions: 120..


Metal sled type Snow

Metal sled, type Snow White Wooden seat Dimensions: 70h40h30 (15) cm Color: red, blue, green ..


Metal sled with steering, Type: Hammer and GEC

metal sled with steering Type: Hammer and GEK Dimensions: 75h45h60 cm Color: red and blue ..


Plastic sled with handles

Plastic carriage handles Rope pull Material: Plastic Color: Red, blue, yellow ..


Rubber Plastic Tobacco

Sled toboggan plasticPlastic carriage handlebar,which can be run and turn in the desired dir..


Rubber plastic toboggan for two

Sled plastic toboggan for two plastic sled for two. handles security descent. Without rudder con..


Snow shovel

Shovel snow Elastic plastic Wooden handle Metal strip Dimensions Blade: 40 x 40 cm Handle lengt..


Snowboard children's plastic

Snowboard children plasticPlastic children snowboard with dimensions105h24h1.5 cm.Weight..