Protective Equipment

Protective Equipment


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elbow pad elbow pad of tight elastic material. stabilizes the elbow joint in sports or other phys..

£5.22 £3.65


Cycling and fitness gloves UNIDELIVERYComfortable, light and breathable gloves. Suitable for us..

£6.68 £4.43

Backpack with a metal back protector

rucksack with a metal back protector 35l 58h29h25sm, 2 partitions rucksack with a metal (dural) b..


Backstop back pad

Pad chair backBackrest Chair PadReduces 60% of the pressure on the spine. Corrects posture a..


Band with belt UNIDELIVERY 400 048

bandage with elastic waist suitable to protect genitals to the training of differ..


Bandage knee 0526

Bint knee Size: 17.5h9h3.5sm Maximum amount: 17,50 m Free shipping over 100 lev. We deliver i..


Bandage with plastic protector with belt UNIDELIVERY 400 049

Bandage protector (plastic) with elastic waist UNIDELIVERY.The plastic is resistant to shock and..


Bedding for camping 180x50x0.6cm

Set protectors knee and elbow Fox. Protects the knees, used by bikers, skiers, snowboarders, and ot..


Belt belt for yoga 3.6x178 cm

The belt yoga is a valuable aid in the performance of yoga poses that require greater flexibility. U..


Belt belt for yoga 3.6x178 cm

captaincy elastic. Suitable for use in various team sports. Velcro patch for easy use. Color variou..


Belt vibra tone

Vibra Tone is a vibrating belt, which in a short time you: 1. burn fat from problem areas of the bod..

£41.25 £26.10

Belts for straight back UNIDELIVERY

Belts for upright UNIDELIVERY. Material 60% polyester, 25% park area, 15% nylon. Helps you stand, si..


Bint thigh 0762

Bint for thigh Size: 17.5h9h3.5sm maximum rate: 17,50 m Free shipping over 100 lev. We delive..


Blood Pressure Device

Device for blood pressureThe apparatus for measuring blood pressure by electronic meanstouch..


Boxing helmet

Goalkeeping gloves gloves football (Goalkeeper Gloves) UNIDELIVERY tread fingers. The inside / fr..


Boxing helmet

helmet for boxing and martial arts, karate, aikido, taekuando, jitsu, wushu and others. Made of pol..


Calf bandage 6969

Bint calf Size: 17.5h9h3.5sm Length: 17.50 m Free shipping over 100 lev. We deliver in Europe..


Carat foot protectors

protectors steps Karate protectors steps Karate pair. are made of udaroabsorbirashta matter cov..


Carat foot protectors

Sleeve UNIDELIVERY is very useful for active activities and sports in cool and cold weather. The ..