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2 pcs wooden triangles set 57 cm.

Triangles set 2 pcs57 cm wood.triangles k-kt 2 pcs.equilateral triangle and variegated k..


2B pencils Confucios

Pencils 2B Confucios Top Grade, as a set 12broya. The price is set. ..


A4 paper adhesive holographic glitter

Paper holographic adhesive A4,'80 / kWh. M.The set includes 10 sheets in different color..

£1.82 £1.56

A5 notebook 150l., offset, double cover PVC and board, three divider

notebook A5 150l. double helix double cover pvc and cardboard 200 g. / m2 body of the paper ofeset 7..


A5 notebook 80l, offset, double PVC cover and cardboard

notebook A5 80l double helix, double cover pvc and cardboard 200g / m2 paper ofeset body of 70 g. / ..


abacus house

Children abacus House with 2 rows of plastic manistai 2 rows cubes with numbers and characters and g..


Abacus in briefcase

cream in a briefcase. By moving the beads of abacus, children make their first steps in mathematics...


Abradable pen rubber

Abradable pen rubberChemical rubber, erasable. Interesting design of the cap PUD in..


Acrylic paints 12 colors in tubes UNI DELIVERY

Acrylic paints 12 colors in tubesAcrylic paints 12 colors in tubes.Suitable for use at home,..



GLUE Brock 6 COLORS UNI DELIVERYGlue with glitter (glitter) 6 colors and shapes for trimming. ..


Adhesive tape for decoration 1.5 cm x 3 m

Decorative adhesive tapes in sparkling Colors and different patterns. Method of application: as a be..


Adhesive tape marking 48 mm / 18 m

Adhesive Tape marking 48 mm / 18 mRazmeri = width - 4.8 cm, length 18 m Thickness = 200 microns Weig..


Adhesive tape waterproof of 10 cm / 1.45 m black

Adhesive Tape waterproof of 10 cm / 1.45 m chernaRazmeri = width - 10 cm, length 1.5 m Weight = 0.30..

£4.43 £3.13


Alarm Clock with box. Material: PVC. Black color. Weight: 90g. P nd unfolded: 7h7h8sm. P nd folded: ..