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Camp skateboard

Camp skateboard. A low resistance during use. Material chrome. The cost is about 1 number. ..


Canadian maple skateboard

Skateboard Canadian maple UNIDELIVERY.reinforced, double kick. 100% canadian maple(100% Cana..


Carrier rack cones of metal

Carrier stand for cones of metalDimensions: diameter 17 cm,height 21 cmWeight: 0.200 kg ..


Chassis skateboard

Chassis skateboard. Suitable for use by amateur and advanced. Material: metal. Length: 20cm. Weight..


Cone 38 cm with holes

Cone 38 cm with holescan be used both alone and in various combinations to make obstacles.Th..


Longbord 104x22 cm

Longbord sized 104x22 cm.maple board.Reinforced chassis.AVEC-7 bearings.Very good qu..


Longbord 117x22 cm

Longbord sized 117x22 cm.maple board.Reinforced chassis.AVEC-7 bearings.Very good qu..


Longbord 86x22 cm

Longbord with dimensions 86x22 cm.maple board.Reinforced chassis.AVEC-7 bearings.Ver..


Longbord 93h23 cm

Longbord size 93h23 cm and attractive design . Stable and maneuverable longbord, suitable for ci..


Longbord longboard 112h24 cm

Longbord 112h24sm size and attractive design. warping. Longbordat is a type of skateboard with ..


Longbord longboard 93h23sm

Longbord size 93h23 cm and attractive design. Stable and manoeuvrable longbord suitable for city ..


Scooters UNIDELIVERY 3 In the 1-2 front and one rear wheel

Scooter UNIDELIVERY with three wheels (two front and one rear) advantage of the wheel so that the c..


Skateboard 79 cm

Skateboard UNIDELIVERY.Material wheels: PU.Chassis: sea gull hard.Material board: maple...

£44.64 £27.15

skateboard boat

Skateboard (boat) 79h20sm single kick.The skating board is suitable for driving, but not for the..


skateboard cambered

Skateboard cambered Skateboard 79h20 cm. Warping. Suitable for children and beginner skaters who ..


Skateboard Canadian Maple warped 77h19sm

Skateboard Canadian Maple warped Skateboard Canadian Maple warped Size: 77h19sm. The board incl..


Skateboard Fish 77h25 cm

Skateboard (fishy) 77h25sm double kick.The skating board is suitable for driving, but not for th..

£20.88 £12.53

Skateboard mini 56 cm

Children plastic skateboard 56 cm. Suitable for beginner skaters who want to discover the fun of dr..


Skateboard mini 56 cm

Skateboard mini 56 cmChildren plastic skateboard 56 cm.Suitable for beginner skaters who wan..


Skateboard mini 56 cm color

Skateboarding mini 56 cm color printingPlastic skateboard - foam board 56 cm.A quality board..

£23.49 £17.23