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Cookies and privacy

What are "cookies"

"Cookies" are small files generally consist of letters and numbers that are downloaded to the device in gaining access to websites. They are used to enable websites to work or improve their performance. "Cookies" are created when the browser on a user load a certain website. The website sends information to the browser, which then creates a text file. Every time the user returns to a website, Chrome resume and sends this file to the server of the website. "Cookies" have several functions, including information gathering and remembering user preferences, use the shopping cart and in general - easier for consumers to use the website. site use "cookies" to perform some functions, namely:

facilitate navigation on our website and use its features to ensure seamless service;
improve our website;
providing personalized features while browsing our website;
delivery of targeted advertising;
collect information about how you use our website so we can provide better service by determining which areas of our website are of most interest to you or to remember you the next time you visit.
These "cookies" are listed below:

Type 1: Indispensable "cookies"

These "cookies" are necessary to allow users to surf our website and use its features, which include, among other things, access to protected areas without repeatedly entering and remembering your actions on each page during one session ..

NOTE: Without these "cookies" we can not guarantee neither quality performance of our website or online security during your sessions.

Type 2: "Cookies" to improve performance

We use this type of "cookies", mainly those of Google Analytics, to collect information about how users use our website. We collect information such as the part of the page that is pressed, the number of pages visited, length of each session and error messages, if any, to improve our website and provide better service to consumers. For more information about Google Analytics, please click here.

Also, we collect information about how users use our site, sometimes we use other "cookies" to improve productivity similar to Google Analytics. While the information gathered through these "cookies" may contain the IP address of users and domain information / browser, such information is collected and analyzed anonymously and to pool the data.

Type 3: "Cookies" to improve functionality

This type of "cookies" allows us to remember the choices that consumers make to our website, for example. username, and their language preference. With this information, we can provide custom features for our users when they browse our website.

Type 4: "Cookies" for targeting and advertising

This type of "cookies" are used on our website to provide ads that are more interesting to you. They collect and record information about users' activities on our website, for example. page views, links and sites on which users pressures habits when surfing etc., and also monitor the movements of users in different websites so we can limit their number, or to prevent recurrence of ads on your website and evaluate effectiveness of advertising campaigns in order to provide better service.

In addition, some of these "cookies" can be placed on your computer and used by third parties with your permission for advertising purposes. This happens when the website you visit includes content displayed on third-party website or click on the share button on our website and get your computer "cookies" from the third party. These third parties include providers of social media such as Facebook or YouTube, as well as website with user reviews social marketing Reevoo, which provide services to both our customers and us. These "cookies" allow third parties to collect and retain information such as user preferences and Web pages for advertising purposes or improvement of services. Please note that we have no control over these cookies by third parties and therefore not liable in this regard. Please refer to these websites for their policies on "cookies".




Prevent "cookies"

You may prevent cookies by changing your browser settings. If you consent to our use of cookies but later wish to opt out, you may delete the cookies which have been set and change your browser settings to block any further cookies. For more information about control of cookies, please visit

containing information management settings major browser vendors.

Turn off anonymous Google Analytics "cookies": You can install a browser add Google Analytics, to prevent the website to send information about your visit to Google Analytics. For additional information, please visit:

NOTE: Since "cookies" aimed at improving or providing usability and processes of our website, ban or delete "cookies" can prevent our users to use the functions of the website's, or cause the performance of the website, unlike ordinary .

Policy governing use; Changes in policy regarding "cookies"

The policy on "cookies" are available in several languages. In the event of non-compliance of this policy on "cookies" between the English version and another applies the English version. The terms of this Policy on "cookies" concerning the use of "cookies" and any information gathered on the spot, but "cookies" to third parties. To the extent permitted by applicable law in your jurisdiction, Acer reserves the right to change this policy on "cookies" at any time and therefore we recommend from time to time to check our website for updates. Changes to this policy on "cookies" enter into force as soon as they are published on our website.