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31 Mikado sticks

Mikado 31 sticks in the bundle. Entertaining game. The game develops fine, precise skills of childre..


Bags bag 15 pieces

entertaining game Tales by volume characters 4 types4 species Each puzzle contains the text of t..


Bingo Game

The kit contains metal bingo sphere 75 prastmasovi balls with numbers from 1 to 75, 18 bingo cards, ..


Chess and Backgammon UNI DELIVERY wooden 35 cm shapes 3-7 cm

Chess and boards of wood 35 cm Figures 3-7 cmSet 3 in 1 classic board games - chess, checkers an..


Chess and Backgammon UNI DELIVERY wooden 49 cm shapes 3.5-7.5 cm

Shah and boards 49 cm wooden figures 3.5-7.5 cmSet 3 in 1 classic board games - chess, checkers ..


Chess and backgammon wooden

Chess and panels 29.5 cm timber, Figures 2.7-7 cm.Set 3 in 1 Classic board games - chess, drafts..


Cubes animal tales

Cubes animals talesTales in pictures.The cubes are motifs of various storiesFree shippin..


Darts magnet 18 inches (45.72 cm) set with 6 arrows

Darts magnet 18 inches kit 6 arrowsDarts magnet 18 inches (45.72 cm) set with 6 arrows.Suita..


Domino wood

Domino logical game made of wood. A fun game for all ages. Domino consists of 28 tiles. Domino can b..


Domino wooden fruit Uni Delivery

Domino olive fruit Uni DeliveryBox dimensions: 15.5h9h4smsizes point: 7.5h3.5h0.3smweigh..


Domino wooden wildlife

A wooden dominoes with fun images of wild animals. Entertaining and interesting version of the class..


Dzhengadayska tower 48 elements - variant with color blocks

Dzhengadayska tower 48 elementsWood entertaining game.The set ist 48 tiles and 4 dice.Si..

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Educational game animals in Bulgaria

educational game animals in Bulgaria About 50 animals in the game has developed curious and interes..


Entertaining game Cubes with letters 12 pcs.

entertaining game Cubes with letters 12 pcs.The game aims to assist in the preliminary preparati..


Entertaining game Cubes with numbers 12 pcs.

entertaining igraKubcheta number 12 pcs.The educational Applied game with numbers is an indispen..


Entertaining game Explore letters

entertaining game Explore lettersThe game contains 30 cards and is designed to introduce childre..


Entertaining game Journey Around the World

entertaining game Journey Around the WorldTrip WorldwideThe game allows to play from 2 to 4 ..


Floor EVA 58,5x58,5x0,8 cm, 4 sets

Surface made of high quality material EVA. 4 modules in a set - 4 different colors. The flooring can..