Appliances Waist And Abdomen

Appliances Waist And Abdomen

Apparatus For Waist And Belly    

Devices For Waist And Belly    

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A Variety Of Instruments For Shaping The Waist And Stomach.    

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Ab Roll Ab Abrasive Machine

Means crunches Ab RollerAb Roll Ab Abrasive MachineAb Roller is an effective device for form..


Aligning a stand with levers

Stand with parallel leversmobile parallel, 60 х 81-90 sm.A practical device suitable for t..


Apparatus for abdominal presses thigh arms ab spring

Means crunches thighs arms (ab spring)Universal device for sit-ups,hips, hands (ab spring) (..


Balancing disc 35 cm

Disk balancing 35 cmDisk balancing 35 cm.Drive from hard plastics, designed to train balance..


Balancing disc 41 cm

Disk balancing 41 cm Disk balancing 41 cm. Drive from hard plastics, designed to train balance an..


Balls metal chrome for manual harmonizing exercises

Balls chrome steel for hand exercise harmonizingBalls metal chrome for manual harmonizing exerci..


Classic lounger for UNIDELIVERY abdominal presses

Classical bench for crunches UNIDELIVERYLumbar abdominal pressesClassical bench for sit ups ..


Combined couch and stand with lever

Combined bench and lever stand - multifunctional device.A multifunctional device that provides o..


Combined lounger for lifting weights

Combined bench with the ability to exercise different muscle groups. The device enables: weightlifti..


Combined UNIDELIVERY lifting bed

Combination bench for weightliftingLumbar abdominal pressesCombined bench for weightlifting ..

£177.49 £140.94

Disc for rotation with 24.5 cm

Disk rotational elastics with 24.5 cm Disc for rotation with 24.5 cm The disc rotation is a dev..


Disc for rotation with blades 27.5 cm

Disk rotational elastics with 27.5 cmThe disc rotation is a device suitable for the practice of ..


Disk rotation Twister

Twister disc is used for weight loss by rotating movements. Burn calories and shape silhouette in th..

£6.78 £5.74

Disk rotation Waist

Disk rotation with electronic display calories during exercise and stress.The disc is used for w..

£15.24 £10.44

Gym ball 65 cm thick

towels, yoga mat 182h61sm. On one side with silicone dots slip. Fabric: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide..


Instrument abdominal muscular instrument

device simulator for abdominal muscles Abdominal muscles simulator The device for sit-ups, also..


Reclining ladder

bench with a reflux naklonRazmeri = 128h115h119sm. Lounge with reverse bias and a solid structure. 3..

£129.97 £109.61

Scales with a height meter

scales with meter height Scales with a height meter Mechanical scales, range 0.5-120kg., A mete..


Stand with parallel levers adjustable 65x75-96 cm

Stand parallel levers adjustable 65h75-96 smRazmeri = 65h75-96 cc Weight appliance = 9.4 kg Maximum ..

£70.44 £65.22